SaaS Termine

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Die Liste mit den meisten SaaS Terminen ist fertig, die wir nach Ländern zusammengestellt haben. Zudem wurden einige Internationale Termine hinzugefügt

Termine in Deutschland und Europa/International

18.01.2015 Cloud Unternehmertag    Der digitale Wandel schafft Handlungsbedarf für jedes Unternehmen. Doch wo beginnen? Auf dem Cloud Unternehmertag lernen Sie praktische Beispiele erfolgreicher digitaler Transformation kennen. Bonn, Germany  
07.02.2017 bis 09.02.2017  SaaStr SaaStr is the largest independent (meaning not hosted by an enterprise) SaaS conference in the US. I went last year and the networking was amazing. I'll be going this year as well. High level participants from all size SaaS companies - this is the conference for networking. T San Francisco, CA, USA  
22.02.2017 Funnelblick Auf der Veranstaltung werden 3 je 15-minütige Impulsvorträge gehalten. Nach jedem Vortrag gibt es 15 Minuten für Fragen und Diskussion. Nach den 3 Vorträgen haben wir Zeit für Netzwerken und vertiefende Gespräche. München, Germany  
 27.02.2017 bis 28.02.2017 Customer Success Summit Customer success has become one of the leading retainment methods for SaaS companies, which makes sense - churn is bad in SaaS. Helping your customers succeed gives you a higher CLV. It also gives you much happier customers. San Francisco, CA, USA  
07.03.2017 bis
08.03. 2017
The Revunue Summit The Revenue Summit is as the name implies - all about sales. Expect a lot of learning - you'll walk out with actionable sales and marketing tactics and strategies that will help you drive results from demand gen, to pipeline, to close. San Francisco, CA, USA  
Gainsight Pulse This is it. The big one. If you work in any post-sales or customer-facing role, you simply can’t afford to miss the definitive global networking and learning conference in Customer Success. Oakland, CA, USA  
24.05.2017 Growth Hacker
The GrowthHackers Conference brings today's growth leaders under one roof for a single day. Find out what is required to develop a high-performance growth team and program across the disciplines of product, design and marketing. Los Angeles, CA, USA  
Datacloud Europe Society has moved beyond smoke signals and carrier pigeons, but given the ever-changing demands on your business, your network may still be in need of some modernization. Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud and getting the right blend of public and private cloud is critical in supporting the future demands of IT. The data center has evolved into various ‘as a Service’ (XaaS) models and the network is following suit. Monaco  
18.09.2017 bis 
SaaStock Join 1500 Founders, VCs and Execs in Dublin for SaaStock 2017, the conference to learn how to build a category leading B2B SaaS business Dublin, Irland  
Inbound 2017 INBOUND 2016 featured almost 300 breakout sessions from some of the biggest names and brightest minds in sales and marketing. Bosten, MA, USA  
Dreamforce It's a chaotic show. If you don't know exactly who you want to meet you'll be wandering around the conference for days. Dreamforce is too big of a conference to rely on serendipity. I San Francisco, CA, USA  
27.11.2017 bis 01.12.2017 AWS The only technical show on the list. What SaaS company doesn't start out using AWS (or Rackspace?) Meet other devs in the SaaS industry, learn from experts and spend time in Vegas. Las Vegas, NV, USA